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Welcome to Direct Designs!

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Direct Designs Sells a Small Business System that incorporates Database Management with Document Automation, Book Keeping and Report Generation. Take a look at the Business Systems Page and See how this  Software extension to Microsoft Office is suited to Your Business and can  Save you 'Time and Money' Today!


Direct Designs Offers a Design Service that specialises in Sewage and Water Treatment Turnkey Projects in the Water Industry. We offer a high level of service and a flexible solution to M & E Contractors, Sub Contractors and All kinds of Manufacturers. All Types of Drawing & Design Work Can be Undertaken Aswell - See the Design Services Page for more information....


Direct Designs Has A Plotting Service and Caters for A1, A2 and A3 Monoplots for Autocad Based Drawings. For One off Plots or Plotting Drawing Portfolios, Autocad drawings can be plotted quickly and efficiently at very competitive rates!  Discounts available for large Orders! See the Plotting Services Page for a list of plotting rates....


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Direct Designs Specialises in Design and Software Services.

Direct Business System Includes:

A Powerfull Client Database. Mail Merge Features. Book Keeping & Reporting Facilities.      Job Ref Lookup Utility for Cost Analysis

Drawing Services Include:

Major & Minor Contract Work, SubContract Work,  Manufacturing & Much More!

Drawing Plotting Services

Plot A1, A2 and A3 Size Autocad or DXF Files at the Most Competitive Rates Around!


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