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Direct Designs Are Specialists In Sewage & Water Treatment Turnkey Projects In the Water Industry. With Over 10 Years Experience In the Water Industry and a Mechanical Background in Engineering We Cater For All Kinds Of Drawing Work from Major & Minor Contracts to SubContract & Manufacture.

Direct Designs Caters for Any Kind of Drawing Work!

Direct Designs is a Professional Outfit that Aims to Give You the Highest Standard and Quality of Work!

Major & Minor Works

Sub Contract & ManuFacture

1.   Waste Water Treatment Works

1.   Pump Designs

2.   Sludge Thickening Plant

2.   Steelwork Layouts

3.   Water Treatment Works

3.   Central Heating Layouts

4.   Pumping Plant & Equipment

4.   Shopfitting and Office Layouts



Major & Minor Contract Work

For a List of the Type of M & E Drawings we Can Generate for Major & Minor Works Click Here

Examples of the Type of Work We Can Produce:-

Waste Water Treatment Works

We have Experience in All Aspects of Sewage Treatment Works including Inlet Works, Settlement Tanks, Filters, Mixers and Aeration Systems, Sludge Holding Tanks and Sludge Handling Plant, Storm Tank Layouts and Site Layouts. We are experts In Various Pumping Station Layouts from the Flow to Treatment and Storm Pumping Stations to the Sludge and DeSludge Pumpset Arrangements. For Process and Control Solutions on Site, P & I Diagrams, M.C.C. Kiosks and Panel Layouts with Cable Block and Routing Diagrams can be Produced.

Below is an Example of an Inlet Works and an Interstage Pumping Station, Other Drawing Examples for Waste Water Treatment Works Are In a List Format Below.Click Here to Go to List.

Inlet Works

An Example of an Inlet Works With Grit Removal, Inlet Screens c/w Washpactor & Screenings Skip, an Emergency Manual Bypass Screen and a 'Flow to Treatment' Measurement Flume.

inlet%20works.gif (16257 bytes)

Below are the Elevation Views for the Inlet Works. Elevation 'A-A' Shows the Inlet Channel With Fine Screen and Penstock Arrangement, 'B-B' is a View of the Washpactor and Bagging Unit with a Section throu' the M.C.C. Kiosk and  'C-C' is a Section throu the Inlet and Bypass Channel Showing the Screens with the Launder trough Connecting to the Washpactor.

Inlet Works 2.gif (14733 bytes)


Interstage Pumping Station

An Example of an Interstage Pumping Station on a Sewage Works Supplying Feed to Tertiary Filters and Also Incorporates the Recirculation and Washwater Pumps. This is aTypical Example of a Refurbished Submersible Pumping Station on a Sewage Treatment Works.

interstage pump station.gif (25132 bytes)



Other Examples for Waste Water Treatment Works:- 

P & I Diagram No.1  showing Modifications to the First Stage of a Sewage Treatment Works to Handle More Waste Water Coming Into the Site.

P & I Diagram No.2  showing Modifications to a Small Sewage Treatment Works to Improve the Quality of Effluent being Discharged from the Site.

Site Layout showing a typical Site Layout of a Medium Sized Treatment Works With Settlement Tanks, Percolating Filters, Inlet Works and Storm Containment.

Flow to Treatment Pumping Station an example of a Full Flow to Treatment and Storm Overflow Pumping Arrangement.

Mixer Platform Layout a typical example of a Mixer Installation with Access Platform to Keep Solids Suspended in a Storage Tank.

Aeration Plant Equipment commonly used on a Treatment Works are Diffused Air or Mechanical Aerator Systems. This is an example of Diffused Air Aeration with Blowers positioned at the side of the tank.

Auto Desludge Pumpsets Layout a Layout with Progressive Cavity and Diaphragm Pumps used to Desludge Primary Settlement Tanks.

Settlement Tank General Arrangement an example of scraper bridge layout and elevations throu' a primary settlement tank.

Storm Tanks General Arrangement with Large Storm Tanks this Arrangement shows the No. of Air Scour Jets Required to Prevent Settlementation and Keep the Tanks Clean.

Storm Tank Pumping Arrangement with Refurbishment of Smaller Sites Existing Settlement Tanks (Dortmund type) are used for extra Storm Capacity.

M.C.C. (Control) Kiosk Layouts Kiosks are Commonly Used to House New M.C.C.'s with Cable Trenches for Bottom Entry Panels and Cable Ducting Around the Site.

Cable Block Diagrams indicate the Cabling Requirements for Equipment on a Site and would Normally Tie Up with a Site Cable Routing Diagram and the Cable Schedules.

Single Line Diagrams are produced when a More detailed Look at Electrical Connections are Required for a Site


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Sludge Thickening Plant

From Our Experience in Sewage Treatment Works We are Familiar with and have Come Across many Kinds of Sludge Handling Plants Such as Digesters, Thickeners, Centrifuges, Presses and Screens, and Aeration Systems.

Below is an Example of a Sludge Thickener Building, Other Drawing Examples for Sludge Handling Plant Are In a List Format Below.Click Here to Go to List.

Sludge Thickener Building

An Example of a Sludge Thickener Building with a Sludge Blending and a Pumping Chamber, a Polymer Dosing Set ad a Filtrate Chamber c/w Washwater Pumps. The main M.C.C. is housed within the main Plant Building.

sludge building 2.gif (20383 bytes)


Below are the Elevations throu' the Building Showing the Sludge Thickener and its Detail, the Sludge Pumping and Filtrate Chambers and the Sludge Blending Chamber.

sludge building elevs 2.gif (20917 bytes)




Other Examples for Sludge Handling Plant:- 

P & I Diagram No.1 the Diagram for the New Sludge Thickening Plant Shown Above which Identifies the new Control Regime and the Tie-ins with the Existing Plant.

Aeration and Pumping Plant a new Aeration Tank using Blowers and Fine Air Diffusers on a Low Level Distribution Manifold. The Sludge Transfer Pumps Draw the Sludge frm the Tank and Pump it to the Thickener Building Shown Above.

P & I Diagram No.2 showing Modifications to the Sludge Handling Plant of a Medium Sized Sewage Treatment Works to Increase the Sludge Capacity and Screen the Stored Sludge.

Site Layout showing the Refurbishments to the Existing Sludge Handling Plant on a Sewage Treatment Works.

Sludge Storage and Screening an example of Increasing Sludge Storage Capacity and Also Screening the Stored Sludge.

Sludge Storge and Screening Elevations for the Sludge Storage Layout Above.


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Water Treatment Works and Chemical Dosing

We are Familiar with Various Types of Water Treatment from the Projects that take in Raw Water from Rivers and Pump Out Treated Water Into Distribution, to Large Projects that involve Refurbishment of Water Treatment Works and Projects as Small as Booster Pumping Stations and Water Treatment Tanks in the Distribution Network.

We are experts In Water Treatment Pumping Stations and Treated Water Pumping Station Layouts. We have come into Contact with Most Kinds of Chemical Dosing from Chlorination and Dechlorination of Large Reservoirs and Contact Tanks to More Involved Chemical Dosing Systems for Floculation and Disinfection and pH Control. For Process and Control Solutions on Site, P & I Diagrams, M.C.C. Kiosks and Panel Layouts with Cable Block and Routing Diagrams can be Produced.

Below is an Example of a Filter Pipework Gallery at a Water Treatment Site, Other Drawing Examples for Waste Water Treatment Works Are In a List Format Below.Click Here to Go to List.

Filter Pipework Gallery

This Example of a Filter Pipework Gallery for a Water Treatment Site Contains all the Analysers and Samplers for the Site. Also Situated in the Gallery are the Alum Sulphate Dosing Pumps for the Alum Storage Tank Nearby, the Air Blowers for the Filters, the Hydro-Pneumatic Set for a Water Supply around the Site and the Sludge Pumps for the Sludge Thickening Tank.

filter gallery.gif (26095 bytes)

Below are the Elevations of the Analysers and Samplers Wall with the routes of Small Bore Pipework, and the Plant in the Basement of the Gallery. The Alum Dosing Pumps Are Covered on a Seperate Drawing with a Detail of the Alum Tank Arrangement.

  filter gallery elevs.gif (24424 bytes)


Other Examples of Water Treatment Sites and Chemical Dosing:- 

P & I Diagram of a Water Treatment Works where Water is Stored in a Large Reservoir Before Being Pumped into Distribution.

Reservoir Layout and Sample Analyser Detail showing a layout of the Reservoir with Analyser details for the P & I Diagram above. The Reservoir Valve Chamber included Some Final Treatment Before the Water was Pumped into Distribution. The Chlorination Building was a Seperate Structure to the Reservoir with Dosing Lines Run inside Ducts to the Reservoir.

P & I Diagram of the Raw Water Site for the Filter Pipe Gallery Above. The Water is taken from the Side of a River, then it is Treated, Filtered and Cleaned and Pumped out into Distribution.

Polymer Dosing Layout showing the Polymer Plant for the Raw Water Site. The Polymer was Injected at the Front End to cause Floculation. The P & I Diagram shows the Process involved with Polymer Make Up.

Hypo-Chlorite Dosing Layout shows the Osec Plant to Treat the Final Water Before Being Pumped Out to Distribution. The P & I Diagram shows the Process involved with the Osec Plant.

Dosing & Blower Kiosk Layout is an Example of a Dosing Kiosk for treating Water taken from Boreholes and Filtered in G.A.C. Vessels.

Lime Dosing Layout 1 and Layout 2 are examples of Lime Dosing Equipment at Water Treatment Works for Existing Batching Units and Storage Tanks.

P & I Diagram for a G.A.C. Absorber Plant on a Water Treatment Works. The G.A.C. Absorber Plan & Absorber Elevations are Details of the Absorber Plant Building. The Site Layout Shows the Pipe and Cable Routes from the Existing Treatment Tank and Pump Station to the New Absorbers. The Cable Routes and Tag No's Tie in with the Cable Block Diagram.

Leachate Treatment Tanks this example shows how the Rain Water Leached from a Land Fill Site is Treated in Tanks to meet the Consent Levels to Discharge to River.


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Pumping Plant & Equipment

We have Experience in All Kinds of Pumping Station Designs and been Involved in Various Pumping Applications from Simple Submersible Transfer Pumping Stations to the Larger Storm and Sewage Handling Pumping Stations for whole Towns or Islands.

As Well as Sewage and Sludge Pump Stations Mentioned Earlier, we have Experience in Booster Pumping Stations, Reservoir Pumping Stations, Treated Water Pump Houses and Storm Attenuation Tanks with Screening Facilities. We have come into Contact with All kinds of Pumps on the Market and are familiar with their Applications on Site.

Below is an Example of a Storm Pumping Station Project that Involves Diesel Driven Pumps Rather than Electrically Operated Pumps, and the P & I Diagram for the System. Other Drawing Examples of Pumping Plant & Equipment Are  In a List Format Below.Click Here to Go to List.

Storm Pumping Station

This Example of a Storm Pumping Station Caters for Storm Floods on an Island. The Storm Water Is Collected In a Wet Well and Diesel Driven Column Pumps Hang In the Wet Well Discharging Into the Outfall Culvert on the other Side of the Pumping Station. The Pump Delivery Legs Have Flap Valves fitted to them to Prevent Return Flows. To Maintain the Large Items of Plant a Traversing Crane was Installed Within the Building.

storm pumping station diesel driven.gif (23766 bytes)

Below are the Elevations of the Station with Pump and Generator Details to Make Sure that the Plant tied in with the Civils and Structure of the Building. Allowance has been Made in the Fifth Section of the Wet Well for a future Storm Pump and an Increase in Storm Handling Capacity.

storm pumping station diesel driven elevs.gif (20797 bytes)

The P & I Diagram Below Highlights the Control Mechanisms, the Venilation System and the Safety Features for the Diesel Engine and Pump Enclosure. It Also Shows the Control Signals for the Pump Operation using Sensors on the Pump and the Levels Within the Wet Well. Each Enclosure Has its own Local Engine Control & Safety Panel.

pid.gif (17879 bytes)


Other Examples of Pumping Plant & Equipment:- 

Treated Water Pump Station an example of Column Pumps Mounted Over a Treated Water Tank pumping out into Distribution. The Delivery & Suction manifolds are Mounted on top of one another.

Contact Tank Pump Station is a Pump Station at the Side of a Contact/Storage Tank Pumping out into Distribution. The Pumps are Vertically Mounted and again have a Suction and Delivery Manifold on top of one another.

Reservoir Pumping Chamber is a Transfer Pump Station at the Side of a Small Reservoir Valve Chamber to Transfering the Treated Water.

Reservoir Pumping Layout  shows the Layout of a Pumping Station for a Large Reservoir. There were also Temporary Submersible Pumps Installed into the Reservoir with a Pipe Connection onto the Rising Main. The Pumping Station Elevations show Sections through the Pump Chamber and the Fabricated Suction Manifold inside the Reservoir.

Large Pumping Station  shows the Layout of a Complex Pumping Station fed with Storm and Sewerage from The Surrounding Town. There is also Grit Removal Plant and Storm Screens Within the Pump House. The Pumping Station Elevations show Sections through the Pump Chamber, the Wet Well and all the Plant Rooms at Ground Level and Above. Most of this Pumping Station is actually Positioned Below Ground Level and Required alot of Stairway and Platform Access inside.

Dry Well Pumping Station is an example of a Small Transfer Pumping Station with the Dry Well Pumps mounted next to the Wet Well. A Pipework Take-off List is also shown on this drawing.

Wet Well Pumping Station with Screen is an example of a Storm and Sewage Wet Well Pumping Station with a Storm Screen Mounted within the Chamber Dividing Wall. The Sewage Pumps Pump to two More in line Pumps at the Top of the Wet Well to Increase the Pumped Head Up the Main.

Wet Well Storage Tank with Overflow Screen Chamber shows a Sewage and Storm Attenuation Tank c/w Storm Overflow Chamber. A Pipework Take-off List is also shown on this drawing.

Storm and Sewage Wet Well this example shows an Application of Centrifugal type Submersible Sewage Pumps and Axial Flow Submersible Storm Pumps. The Storm Chamber Overflow Weir is fitted With a Storm Screen and the Storm Pumps are housed in A Discharge Columns Hanging in the Storm Tank.

Progressive Cavity Pump Kiosk this example shows an Application of a Progressive Cavity Type Pump Installatoin Lifting Effluent Out of an Adjacent Wet Well. The Wet Well has Storm Overflow Facilities and Includes a Storm Screen. A Pipework Take-off List is also shown on this drawing.

Booster Pump Station this is an example of a Booster Station used on a Distribution Network to Increase the Pressure in the Main and make Sure the Treated Water Gets to the End of the Main.


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General Production of M & E Drawings Include:-


  1. General Arrangement Drawings and Layouts of Plant & Equipment.

  2. Site Layouts showing Cable and Pipeline Routes, Cable Ref Tagging and Duct and Draw Pit Identification.

  3. Process and Instrumentation Diagrams for System Analysis and Design Verification.

  4. Cable Block, Single Line and Power Supply Diagrams. Cable Block Diagrams Include the Cable Ref Tags to Show on the Cable Route Diagram.

  5. Pipework Details and Fabrication Drawings.

  6. Steelwork, Detail Design and Assembly Drawings.


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SubContract & Manufacture Work

Examples of the Type of Work We Can Produce:-

Pump Designs and Assembly Drawings

We Carry out Work for Pump Distributors and Manufacturers to Help with the Production of Detailed Pump Drawings, Sectional Drawings and Assembly Drawings for the Client. These type of Drawings are typically used for Maintenance manuals and Installation of the Pumping Plant on Site. They are Also useful to a Designer when they are Producing Pump Plant and Structure Layouts.

Below is an Example of a Pump Sectional and a Detailed Pump Stool Drawing, Other Drawing Examples for Pump Designs and Assembly Drawings Are In a List Format Below.Click Here to Go to List.

Pump Sectional Drawing

An Example of a Pump Sectional Drawing for a Multi-Stage Column Pump c/w Component Take-off List.

column pump sectional.gif (20121 bytes)

A Detail Drawing of a Pump Stool with Stuffing Box Detail and Balloon Referencing.

pump stool section.gif (12234 bytes)

Other Examples of Pump Designs and Assembly Drawings:- 

Column Pump General Arrangement is an example of a Column Pump General Arrangement to Identify Overall Dimensions and Sizes of the Pump as well as Pump Connection Details.

Horizontal Closed Coupled Pump is a Detail of a Horizontal Closed Coupled Pump With All the Elevations of Pump Mounted on a BaseFrame. The Detail of the baseframe is also Shown to Tie it in with Civil Dimensions and with the Fabrication Required.

Pump Sectional Drawings is another example of a Sectional Pump Drawing With a Closer Detail of the Pump Head Plate and Column.

Pulley Driven Pumps  an example of Pump Sets used for Irrigation where the Pump Sets are Built up using a Motor Mounted on Sliders, the Pump with Gearbox and Drive Belts. This gives the User Flexibility to Drop the Pumps down Boreholes and Select the Correct Pump for the Flow Required.

Gearbox Driven Pumps  an example of a Gearbox Driven Pump Used on the Storm Pump Station Shown Above. The Drawing has a Component Take-Off List.

Booster Pump Set  is an example of a Skid Mounted Booster Set. The Set Comprises of Two Multi-stage Pumps with Associated Pipework and a Small Accumulator Sized for the Pump Duty.


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Steelwork Drawings including Access Platforms, Stairways and Flooring

We Work with Fabricators to Produce Detailed Drawings of Steelwork including Access Platforms, Flooring and Staiways and any other Items that Need Fabricating such as Tanks and Pipework, Framework and Balconies. These drawings are Normally for the Client or Consultant who wants to See an Installation Drawing or a Detail of how the Steelwork is Constructed. The drawings we produce are useful to the Workshop where the Welders and Shop Floor Manager Can Visualise the Job and make sure that they get it Right by working from the Drawing. On site it Gives the Installers a Drawing to Build to.

Below is an Example of a Storage Platform and Mezzanine Floor Over a Loading Bay, and an example of a Steelwork Structure Detail for a Hotel Roof, Other Drawing Examples for Steelwork etc.. Are In a List Format Below.Click Here to Go to List.

Loading Bay Mezzanine Floor

An Example of a Mezzanine Floor over a Loading Bay Area. The Mezzanine Floor Acts as a Light Weight Storage Area for safe loads upto 250kg per sq metre. It dramatically  increased the Storage Capacity of the Warehouse until the Company could afford to expand.

loading bay overhead steelwork.gif (25743 bytes)


Hotel Roof Steelwork Structure Detail

An Example of the Steelwork Structure for Part of a Hotel Roof. The Assembly Drawing Below has References to all the Detail Drawings for the Sections and Fixings Required.

hotel roof structure.gif (12570 bytes)


Other Examples of Steelwork Drawings:- 

Access Stairs is an example of a Set of Access Stairs to Fit Over Pipework to Allow Fitters to Get Between Plant for Maintenance.

Access Platform is a Detail of a Platform used to Span a Chamber and Give Access to Penstocks for Operation and Maintenance. The Platform has a Staircase to the Floor.

Bay Window is a set of Drawings of the Steelwork required for the Canopy and Framework for a Balcony Bay Window. There is an Assembly Drawing with a Set of Detailed Drawings showing the Sections Required.

Portal Frame Building  this is an Example of a Portable Portal Frame Building Erected for Site Work and Storage. The Portal Frame Building was then Used for a Permanent Structure encased in Part Brickwork and Cladding. A Portal Frame Layout Drawing was Produced for Planning Consent.


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Central Heating System Layouts

We Also Produce Layout Drawings for Central Heating Companies to Design the Circuits and Routes of Pipe Manifolds, Radiator Runs and Hot and Cold Feeders. The Drawings are Useful for Looking at the System Design and get approved by the Client when Systems are Designed for New Housing Estates.

Below is an Example of a Central Heating System for a Three Storey House, the First Floor Level Feeds the Ground Floor and Second Floor Radiators which Can be Seen Further Down the Page.

Central Heating System

This Detail is a Layout of the First Floor of the House, the Boiler on the Ground Floor Feeds the Hot Water Tanks and the Radiators using the Manifold System on the First Floor Level. The Pipework is made up from the New Hep2o System which is a replacement to the old Copper and Solder Fittings. The new Hep2o pipework is plastic, flexible and the Fittings Snap together Making installation Much Easier and Fool Proof!

first floor.gif (14528 bytes)

The Ground Floor Plan Shows the Positions of the Radiators and the Feed and Return Pipework, and the location of the Boiler within the Garage.

ground floor.gif (10220 bytes)

The Second Floor Plan Shows the Positions of the Radiators and the Feed and Return Pipework. There are only Radiators on this Level, Four Radiators are needed to heat the Attic Room Sufficiently.

second floor.gif (6523 bytes)


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Shopfitting, Building and Office Layouts

We have Experience in Shop Fitting and Building Layouts, and Have Produced Layouts of Bars and Restaurants, Offices and Houses for Shopfitters, Installers and Builders. The Drawings Give the Client an Actual Picture and a Perspective of how the Space they are Using is Going to Look when the Work is Complete. We try to put on as Much detail as Possible on the Drawings to Give the Customer a Feel for the Final Product and Offer More Information to the Client.

Below are Examples of a Bar & Restaurant, and Ice Cream Parlour, an Office Building and a House Drawing. We Can Produce Details of Products such as Office Furniture to Help with Visulsation and to help Sell the Product in Presentations.

Bar & Restaurant Layout with Furnishings

A Bar and Restaurant Owner wanted a Bar Installed with Wall Units Behind it and a Reception Desk Installed in their Restaurant Area. The Drawing we Produced Shows the Bar and Restaurant Reception Desk in a Scrap Plan View of the Building. There is a Blown Up Detail and Elevation of the Bar Area and Details of the Wall Units and the Reception Desk.

Bar and Restaurant.gif (18209 bytes)


Ice Cream Parlour Layout with Furnishings

This New Ice Cream Parlour was Fitted with a Profiled Bar and Display Cabinet and had an Eating In Area with Tables and Stools. The Drawing Shows a Scrap Plan View of the Parlour with a Blown Up Detail and Elevation of the Bar Area. There are Also Details of the Wall Unit Behind the Bar and the Wrought Iron Railing Design on the Stairs. The Client Could Get a Feel for the Diamond Design in the Bar Area and see the Wavy Design on the Railings.  

Ice Cream Parlour.gif (14877 bytes)


Office Building Layout and Desk Details

This is an Example of an Office Layout Detail which Identifies All the Desk and Furniture required for All Employees, it also shows all the Terminal Connections and Power Sockets Needed in the Building and Identifies all the Rooms in the Building. The List Down the Side of the Layout is Read in Conjunction with the Tag No's on the Drawing for Computer and Phone Sockets.  

office building.gif (21972 bytes)

Below is a Drawing of an Office Desk Installation with Details of the Single Desk Unit and a Detail of the Power Pole that Drops Down from the Ceiling an Inbetween the Desks.

desk detail.gif (10945 bytes)


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We Can Also Produce House Plans for House Extensions, Garages  etc.. Below is an Example of a Large House extension to a Semi Detached House.

House Layout Drawing with New Extension

The extension is On the End of the House and Also extends out into the Front and Back Garden to Create the Porch and Kitchen Areas that you Can See Further Down the Page in the Sectional Details. The Front Porch has a Pitched Roof whilst the Kitchen has an Apex Roof to Accomodate Waste Pipes from the Bathroom. This Drawing shows the Roof Plan as Well as the Front, Rear and Side Elevations.

housepln3.gif (10720 bytes)


The First Sectional Detail of the House is throu' the Side of the House Showing how much more Floor Space Has been Created on the Ground Floor. It Shows Details of the Foundations through the house, the Construction of the New Porch and Kitchen Roofs, and the New Beam Supports for the Walls that Have Been Removed.

housepln2.gif (15926 bytes)


The Second Detail of the House shows Sections throu' the Ground Floor and First Floor to Show the Size of the Rooms. You Can also See the changes to the Wall Structure and the Position of the New Beam Supports that are Required. The Kitchen has become an 'L' Shaped Room with Breakfast Bar Area and the Garage and Porch Extend out to the Front of the House. A Large Room for a Snooker Table is on the Ground Floor Behind the Garage and Two New Rooms Upstairs have been created to be Used as a  Bedroom and a Study/Kids Room.

housepln.gif (13903 bytes)


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'Direct Designs' Can Offer Your Company Any of the Drawing Services Shown Above at Affordable Rates. We Have the Background and Experience to Offer a Professional Service and Impress any Company Client. If You Need Drawings Turned Around with the Minimum of Fuss Use Direct Designs Today!



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