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For All Small Businesses this System is Designed to Carry Out All Your Paperwork and Automate Day to Day Routines at the Click of A Button!

Contents of Direct Business Systems!

1.   Front Page and Introduction

6.   Book Keeping

2.   Documentation

7.   Purchase Orders

3.   The Database

8.   Reports

4.   Quotations

9.   Accounts Reports

5.   Invoicing

10. Database Utilities


Direct Business Systems Introduction

This Extension to Microsoft Office Utilises the Microsoft Package by Combining the POWER! of Microsoft Access with Microsoft Word and Excel to give you a Business System you wont find anywhere else!

It will Create and Automate all Your Office Paperwork, Carry out Your Book Keeping and Calculate Your Figures and Generate all Your Business and Account Reports!

The Front Page Lists a Summary of All the Features in this System. From Any Page the User Can Access Every Part of this Software Package Using the Page Tabs.  Click On the Page Tab Labelled 'Documentation' to Start Your Tour.

(You Can Also Click on any of the Page Tabs to Move Between the Sections on this Page.)

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Documentation Utilities

The Documentation Page Caters for General Office Administration by Automating All Office Paperwork.

Letters and Faxes are Generated by Mail Merging Documents with a Selected Recipient or Recipients from the Database. Envelopes and Labels can also be Printed Out to Avoid Typing them Seperately. No More Searching for Addresses or Looking through Business Index Cards!

(Please note The Documents Highlighted Above will take approx 10 to 15 secs to be Opened as they are links to Microsoft Office Documents)

Page Documentation.gif (18168 bytes)

A Single Record Is Selected From the Database Using The Filter Records Button On this Page and Multiple Records Are Selected Using the Client Portfolio Button. (Click on the Buttons Above or the Highlighted Text to See). Note for the 'All Records' Mail Merges the Entire Database is Automatically Selected.


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The Database

The Database Ensures that Enough Data Can be Stored to Keep You In Touch with Your Clients and Generate All The Paperwork You Need! Its so Easy to Use and Existing Database Information Can be Duplicated and Changed, or Existing Company Details Used to Generate New Contacts!

Page Database.gif (20145 bytes)

The 'Duplicate Record' Button Copies All the Data from the Current Record to a New Record so the User Can Create a New Client at An Existing Company in the Database. When Creating a New Record the User Can Add Existing Company Details from the Database by Clicking On the Company Exists Button.

'Table View' Allows the User to Look at the Database Records in a Scrolling Table to Quickly Check through the Database and Pick Out Records.

The Email and Web Links Will Link to Your Internet Provider for Quick Access to the Internet and the Client (Note these Links will only Work If your Computer has Been Set Up Correctly by the Vendor).


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Quotations and Invoices Can be Generated and then Populated by the Database Cutting Out Searching for Address Details and then Typing Them Out. For Detailed Quotes Cost Sheets Can be Attached to the Quote For Job BreakDowns.

(Please note The Documents Highlighted Above will take approx 10 to 15 secs to be Opened as they are links to Microsoft Office Documents)

The Quotation Table includes a 'Job Ref' field Used throughout this System. This Page acts as a Log Book of all the Work that a Company Carries Out and Bids for.

Clicking on 'Follow Up Quotation Check' Checks the Database for 30 day Old Quotations and Prompts the User if Any are Found In the System.

Page Quotations.gif (24897 bytes)

The Create Quote Button Enables a User to Open a New Quote and Retrieve Address Details from the Database for the Job Entry made in the Quotation Table.

Once the Quote has been Created and Saved the User Can Open it from this Table and Create a Cost Sheet by Clicking on the 'Open Quote' and 'Open Cost Sheet' Buttons.

The Quote Prices Button opens a Table of All the Quotes in the Database with the Price Information. It Shows the User the Date when the Job was bid, whether the Job was Won/Lost and If it is Complete Yet.

Another Facility on this Page is Carrying out Quote Searches which helps the User to Find Quotes they are Looking for.


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The Invoice Table stores all the Invoices Created against Job Quotes in the Quotation Table.  The Details from the Quotation Table are Linked to this Invoice Table with the 'Job Ref' field and can be Imported to this Table by Clicking on the 'Job Ref Details' Button Below.

Clicking on 'Outstanding Invoice Check' Checks the Database for 30 day Old Invoices and Prompts the User if Any are Found In the System.

Page Invoicing.gif (25191 bytes)


The Create Invoice Button Enables a User to Open a New Invoice for an Entry made in the Invoice Table. The Clients Details will already have been Entered into the Form by Clicking on the 'Job Ref Details' Button.

Once the Invoice has been Created and Saved the User Can Open it from this Table by Clicking on the 'Open Invoice' Button.

The Payments Button opens up a Table of All the Invoices in the Database with the Price Information. It Shows the User the Date when Invoices were Paid, the Amount of Money Paid and If Invoices Have been Written Off.

Another Facility on this Page is Carrying out Invoice Searches which helps the User to Find Invoices they are Looking for.


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Book Keeping

The Book Keeping Page Is Split into '2' Tables to Keep track of 'Income and Receipts' and 'Expense and Payments'. No Bank Balances are Necessary as these Books Keep Track of the Amount of Money passing through a Business each Year. They Can be Started at any Time of Year and Even Back Dated to Keep a Record of All A Company's Transactions.

Book Keeping Reports Automatically Add Up the All the Figures in the Different Categories, Seperate the Gross and the VAT Amounts and together with your Invoice Report give an Accountant all the Data they require to Produce an End of Year Accounts Report and Submit a Tax Return.

Page Book Keeping.gif (33975 bytes)


The 'Income and Receipts' Book has '2' Categories which are Sales & Misc (a Report Example Can be Seen In the Accounts Report Section).

The 'Expense and Payments'  Book has '14' Categories which are Heat/Light, Rent, Phone, Wages, Drawings, Office, Motor, Stationary, Equipment, Materials, Consumables, Clothing, Hire and Misc (a Report Example Can be Seen In the Accounts Report Section).

The Full Page View Expands Either Book to the Size of the Screen when Multiple Data Entry is Needed. In Full Page Layout the 'Duplicate Record' Button Allows Monthly or Common Bills to be Repeated. The VAT Amounts are Automatically Calculated In the Table and the Net or Gross Amounts are Automatically Entered in the Column that is Selected in the 'Type' field. This Saves the User Scrolling Along the Columns in the Book, Doing Any Calculations and typing in Lots of Figures.


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Purchase Orders

The Purchase Order Table Stores and Creates any Large Purchase Orders raised with a Supplier to Keep track of Items Delivered and Items Invoiced. For Permanent Accounts there is a Table and Form for Storing Supplier Account Details.

Page Purchase Order.gif (25815 bytes)


The 'Purchase Order Details' Button and the 'Open Purchase Order' Button Allow Purchase Orders to Be Created and Printed out for Reference and Colleagues.


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The Reports Page Allow the User to Print Reports for Database Records, Mail Merges and Quotations as Listed on the Page Below.

Database Records Can Be Printed out and Stored as Hardcopies in a Folder for Reference or the Report Could Just be Pulled Up On the Screen as a Viewing Tool.

The Single Mail  Merge and Mail Merge Portfolio Reports are an Ideal Way to Keep track of Who has been Mailed and the Report Harcopies Can be filed in a Correspondence Book.

Page Reports.gif (19778 bytes)


The Quotation Reports Keep Track of All the Quotes and Give the User Feedback Showing the Successful and Unsuccessful Bids. A Report Showing the Quotes to Follow Up Each Week Can be Printed Out to Chase Up Work, Quotes for a Single Company Can be Printed Out In One Report.

Cover Letters, Labels and Envelopes Can be Mail Merged with the Quotes to Follow Up Subform and Report. The Clients Address Details are taken from the Report and the Database.


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Accounts Reports

The Reports Page Allow the User to Print Invoice and Book Keeping Reports for an Accountant to Produce End Of Year Account Reports and Submit a Tax Return.

The Type of Reports are As Shown on the Accounts Reports Page Below. More Information About this Page Is Further Down.

The 'Job Ref Reports' Section allows the User to Analyse the Overall Cost and See the Money Received or Spent On a Specific Job. The Original Quote Details, the Amount of Money Invoiced and the Payments Made On a Job Can All be Printed Out. Using the Expenditure Report the User Can Also Advise the Client when Staged Payments Are Required to Keep Up With Purchases on a Job.

Page Accounts Reports.gif (23279 bytes)


Cover Letters, Envelopes and Labels Can be Mail Merged with the Outstanding Invoices Subform to Generate Paperwork to Chase Up Payments. The Outstanding Invoices and Reminder Reports Can be Printed out By the User for Reference.

Outstanding Company Invoices Subform Allows the User to Send the Client an Outstanding Invoices Report that Requires Payments.

A Written Off Invoice Report Warns the User about Bad Debtors and Is another Report to Send to the Accountant.

Book Keeping Reports Can be Printed Out Using Annual and Between Selected Dates Forms for the Income & Expense Book Reports, and in a Full History Format.

Both the 'Income and Receipts' and the 'Expense and Payments' Book Reports Can be Printed Out in Tabular (Traditional Book Style) or In a Categorised Format (Summarised for the Account). Although In Different Formats the Reports Break Down the Figures into Net, VAT and Gross Amounts to Save the Accountant and a Book Keeper doing All the Figures!


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Database Utilities

The Last Page to be Mentioned is the Database Utilities Page that Allows the User  to Extract Data from the Database and Edit Existing Information Easily. Standard Templates and Saved Documents Can Also be Opened and Edited from this Page.

This is the Page Where the User Should Exit the Database, the 'Exit Database' Button prompts the User to Back Up the Database to Another File On Exiting the Program.

The Database Should Always be Backed Up to Another File for Security and Also Compacted Once a Week Using the 'Compact Database' Button to Keep the Size of the Database and Memory Requirements to a Minimum.

Page Database Utils.gif (16733 bytes)


The 'Company Records' and 'Single Records' Buttons Selects Clients Address Details for a Company or Single Record for Viewing, Printing and Editing.

The Change Company Address Details Button Will Change the Address of Every Record Stored in the Database For a Selected Company. This Ensures that All Clients Addresses Get Updated in the Database If a Company Changes Location.

The Open Documents Button Opens the Standard Documents for Editing and Any Important Documents that the User Might Save. With this Option the User Can Open Stored Quotes, Cost Sheets, Invoices and Purchase Orders Using Directory Listings Instead of the Program Tables. Exported Data from the Export Utility and Database Tables Can Also be Opened and Viewed.

The Export Utility Buttons On this Page Create Excel Files with Selected Data from the Database. Addresses, Invoices and Book Keeping Data Can All be Exported and Emailed to the Accountant or A Colleague If Required.

For Help or an Overview of this System Clicking on the Manual and Quick Tour Buttons Opens Up the Instruction Manual or Takes the User through this Quick Tour Guide. 


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Direct Designs 'Is Positive' that this Business System Will Be Such a Benefit to Small Businesses Everywhere. We've Used it Ever Since it was Designed and it Saves us Lots of Time and Effort with Paperwork, Book Keeping and Figures - it Generates all those Business Reports with No Effort Whatsoever. Our Accountant finds the Reports Such a Help, So why not Try it Today!



Direct Designs Specialises in Design and Software Services.

Direct Business System Includes:

A Powerfull Client Database. Mail Merge Features. Book Keeping & Reporting Facilities.      Job Ref Lookup Utility for Cost Analysis

Drawing Services Include:

Major & Minor Contract Work, SubContract Work,  Manufacturing & Much More!

Drawing Plotting Services

Plot A1, A2 and A3 Size Autocad or DXF Files at the Most Competitive Rates Around!


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